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Scientific Congress Theme:
Global CBT Dissemination, Accessibility and New Technology
The theme of this Congress is important in several ways. Firstly, CBT is evolving at a rapid pace, and yet there is a vast unmet global need that requires an innovative and comprehensive dissemination strategy. Secondly, effective and equitable dissemination will require a significant focus on making CBT interventions and training widely accessible across diverse geographical, population, and individual dimensions. Thirdly, the variety of problems, including both mental and physical disorders, being targeted with CBT interventions by worldwide health systems are constantly expanding. Finally, in order to meet these challenges effectively it appears essential to harness new technology, in an ethical and evidence-based manner, to optimize the latest developments in both software and hardware including ‘digital CBT therapeutics’.

The World Congress Scientific Committee is making a multi-format ‘Call for Papers’ from September 1st 2022, which will cover a wide range of topics in CBT. Nevertheless, it especially encourages submissions that target the World Congress theme. In particular, contributions regarding a) dissemination of contemporary CBT treatment and training, b) interventions targeting diverse individual and population characteristics, c) the role of CBT in different health systems, and evidence-based and ethical applications of new technology to CBT, will be welcomed. South Korea, with its scientific and technological expertise, as well as global health perspective, makes Seoul an excellent venue at which to address these important priorities. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique and exciting 10th World Congress of CBT.